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Visual efficiency test

This test aims to detect any vision problems that may occur in daily life; it is a preliminary examination that, if necessary, should be followed by an eye examination. In this regard, we offer as totally free of charge a thorough vision screening, aimed at checking-and possibly optimizing-the quality of vision.

Visual Analysis

The tool that allows us to efficiently prescribe corrective lenses is the visual analysis, through which all the variables that can intervene in the visual system are examined. This analysis, known among expert optometrists as the "optometric examination," is able to make a comprehensive assessment of all the visual abilities that a person enacts on a daily basis, even in stressful situations, in order to draw a comprehensive profile.

With this type of examination, we are also able to understand whether or not there is a correlation between vision problems and poor posture. In this regard, an example of poor posture is studying at close range, which is often the cause of unpleasant vision problems such as nearsightedness, as well as symptoms of various kinds, such as headaches, eye burning, eye strain, red eyes, tearing, blurred vision, etc.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses have been a great revolution for those with visual impairments, as through their use, vision defects can be corrected quickly and easily. The benefits associated with the use of contact lenses are numerous. In fact, beyond their usefulness on an aesthetic level, the use of contact lenses guarantees a quality of vision superior to that offered by glasses. Luziottica Vision has daily, monthly and quarterly contact lenses available. In addition, scheduled replacement lenses can be ordered upon request. To these must be added the wide selection of colored cosmetic lenses, including graduated ones, from the best manufacturers on the market.

Assembly workshop

Comfortable vision depends above all on a properly executed eyeglass fitting. For this reason, we at Luziottica Vision personally perform lens fitting within our laboratory, to guarantee our clients an entirely personalized as well as fast service. In fact, the presence of the laboratory allows us to perform the fittings within the same day, significantly shortening the waiting time.

Other services

  • Custom progressive ophthalmic lenses.
  • Immediate assistance for maintenance and repairs that do not require the manufacturers to intervene.
  • Ultrasonic eyeglass cleaning.
  • 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • UV400-absorbing lenses, specifically for video screen use and postoperative applications.
  • Sun graduated lenses including wrap-around and/or progressive, polarizing, photochromic, tint-sampled.
  • Sports goggles, children's goggles, swimming goggles.
  • Ski goggles also graduated.
  • Contact lens service and study of the optimal contact lens.
  • Provision of low vision tools.
  • Barometric instruments.


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